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Case Study on Growing Customer Base for Law Firm


Medium Size


Increase number of in-office consultations
Improve advertising performance on all devices
Customize bidding strategies for time, location, and device


Business to Customer


Upgraded to AdWords enhanced campaigns
Used mobile-specific calls to action feature
Used calls to conversions feature to see how ads impact conversions


2015 - 2016


Developed a new bidding and targeting strategy in no time
Increased rate of mobile conversions by 4.5x
Raised mobile CTR 60% and lowered mobile CPC 14%

Our partner is a law firm headquartered in San Francisco, California, with another office in Miami. The firm dedicates itself to serving people and businesses through its law practice. Their main clients include corporations and families in need of legal counsel and defense.

Goal to Reach

Main advertising goal for law specialized campaigns is for potential clients to contact the firm and schedule an in-office consultation. Like many small and medium-sized businesses, the firm wanted to focus its AdWords efforts on achieving its advertising goal, but it lacked the time and staff to do so. And that is where we stepped in. They required a lightweight and easy way to improve performance, so we found a solution in AdWords enhanced campaigns. Enhanced campaigns enable advertisers to customize bidding strategies for time, location, and device — all from a single campaign.

Approach to Mobile

Mobile ads are a key driver of in-office consultations, so our team took a number of steps to improve their mobile advertising performance. After setting up mobile campaign we looked into other ways to determine how their ads lead to conversions. Conversions are something the business considers valuable, like a click or a phone call.


Since we wanted ads to be shown to potential clients who would be most likely to come in for an in-office consultation — people within driving range of the firm we set up radius targeting to reach searchers within a 5, 20, and 50-mile radius around the San Francisco office.

Timing is Everything

After refining the mobile strategy and location targeting, we next sought to make improvements to the campaigns based on time of day. The team believed calls made during daytime office hours, when a lawyer was available to screen potential clients, tended to be the most valuable. For this reason bid adjustments are used to increase bids by 25% between the hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m when the office was open.

Delivering High Performance

Within just a month, the firm’s results with enhanced campaigns were overwhelmingly positive. The new ads delivered top performance, with a high average position.

A high proportion of the firm’s traffic — 47% — came from mobile devices so we quickly decided to adapt more ad groups for mobile and develop an improved, mobile-friendly website.

The firm’s mobile statistics were also positive. With enhanced campaigns, mobile clickthrough rate (CTR) rose 60%, while cost-per-click (CPC) fell 14%. Overall, mobile conversion rate increased 4.5x while cost-per-acquisition (CPA) dropped by 188%.

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